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702 on Highway #10
Cookville, NS
B4V 7P8
phone: 902-530-3770
Please phone when booking appointments

To ensure your satisfaction all of Beyond's services are guaranteed for seven business days, and all home care products are guaranteed for 10 business days. A concultation may precede any repeated service, exchange or refund.

We accept all methods of payment: cash, debit, cheque, visa, and mastercard.

If an appointment needs to be cancelled, call as soon as possible so we may be able to give that time to another client. There is no penalty if you do not give prior notice, unless the service is 1 hour or more. A visa or master card number is required at the time of booking. If notice of cancellation is not given, 50% of the cost of booked services(s) will be charged to your credit card. To prevent missed appointments, we confirm all appointments a day or two ahead of schedule.


We want to make your experience at Beyond as wonderful as possible. We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have so we may grown and serve you to the best of our abilities.