natural nail services

Enjoy a full range of natural nail manicures and pedicures. Choose from a basic service to a “Beyond” supreme experience!

Executive Manicure (30min)
Includes nail & cuticle grooming. Your choice of polish or hand massage.
Natural Nail Grooming (30min)
Have nails trimmed, cuticles treated and hands exfoliated. Your choice of hand massage or nail buffing - great for men!
Gournet Manicure (45min)
Nourish hands and improve nail strength, along with nail and cuticle grooming, enjoy an exfoliation treatment, a soothing massage, and finish with a polish application.
Beyond Signature Manicure (75min)
Upgrade from the Gourmet Manicure and indulge in a luxurious paraffin treatment and hot stone massage!
Executive Pedicure (45min)
Be rid of calluses and trim nail cuticles after a relaxing soak in a warm foot bath. Your choice of polish or massage.
Gourment Pedicure (1hr 15min)
All the necessities plus Beyond’s famous foot and leg massage, and top it with an invigorating leg wrap.
Beyond Signature Pedicure (105min)
Much like a Gourmet Pedicure, but ohh, so much more! This gem also gives you a soothing paraffin treatment and a hot stone massage. You’ve got to try this!!
Warm Paraffin Treatment (30min)
For hands or feet.
Callous Removal 15.00+
Polish Change(15min) 15.00
Nail Trim(15min) 15.00
Shellac add-on 5.00

nail enhancements

We now offer Gel Nails! Gel enhancements always ensure that your nails look spectacular!

Full Set (Regular 2hr) 75.00
Full Set (French 2hr) 80.00
Fill (1 hr 15min) 45.00
Mini Maintenance (30min) 30.00
1 Nail (Replace 15min) 10.00
1 Nail (Repair 15min)   6.00
Ped Set for the feet (Full Set 1 hr 30min) 50.00
Ped Set for the feet (Fill 45min) 35.00
Party Tips (With No Gel 1 hr) 50.00
Gel Overlay (No Tips 1 hr) 50.00
Shellac add-on Goes on like polish, wears like gel and no drying time 5.00
Gel Nail Removal (45mins) 40.00
Shellac Removal (30mins) 20.00

nail art

Have one-of-a-kind nail designs right at your fingertips!

Specialty Designs (1 Nail) 4.00
Specialty Designs (Full Set) 28.00
Jewels and Decals - One (1 Nail) 1.00
Jewels and Decals - One (Full Set) 8.00
Jewels and Decals - Two or More (1 Nail) 2.00
Jewels and Decals - Two or More (Full Set) 15.00

nail art

Braces adhere to the top of the nail plate and force the sides of the nail to lift, releasing pressure of ingrown nails.

One Clip 45.00

prices are subject to change